Myron Golden Reveals The Secret To Having A Millionaire Perspective

Published: 15th January 2010
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I recently attended a conference where Myron Golden happened to be speaking. I honestly had never heard of him, but I knew that this conference was well known for providing the kind of value that network marketers can build on and succeed. It's actually quite shocking that I had hardly heard of most of the speakers yet they were able to give me information I could use for the benefit of my business.

Apparently Myron Golden is the real deal. His message is quite simple: He wants you to become a millionaire. But before you can become a millionaire, you have to have the necessary tools at your disposal. Myron began his demonstration with one penny and one hundred dollar bill. He asked the participants which of the two was worth more. The majority of the participants said the hundred dollar bill, but one participant said the penny. Many times, we can overthink simplistic situations. Obviously, the hundred dollar bill is worth more and yet our brains are still programmed to overthink the situation. "Could there possibly be some trick to the question? Clearly this question has to have a twist to it." That's what our left part of the brain is processing. Okay, the copper used to produce the penny is worth more than the paper used to produce the hundred dollar bill, but which one buys you more things?

Myron Golden went on to demonstrate another fact of life. He asked his participants if he could hide the hundred dollar bill behind the penny without crumpling or folding it. The participants unanimously said "No." Then Myron pointed out that the only way he could hide the hundred dollar bill behind the penny is if he moved the bill far enough away and the penny as close as possible to his eye. If that scenario occurred, the hundred dollar bill would be fully concealed and the penny would be covering everything the eye could see.

The participants were then instructed to tell Myron Golden to grab his fortune. With the penny close to his eye, he asked "What fortune? I don't see a fortune." The participants then said that there really was a fortune and it was just within arm's reach. Eventually, they told him to remove the penny from his eye. At this response, Myron asked, "What penny?"

This was a clear demonstration that there are a countless number of people in the world that have the potential to seize their fortune. We know that they can reach their goals if they only apply themselves. However, no matter how much we coach, teach, train or encourage them there's no way for this prospect to reach their goals if that penny is in their eye. To them, they don't even realize the penny is blocking their view from their fortune and fail to remove the penny. Once the penny is removed, there are unlimited possibilities to succeed. Keep this in mind when you see the potential in someone.

Sometimes it's tough to teach your prospect the millionaire secret. Wealth is just in arm's reach and you just need to remove the penny so they can see what you see. Check out Myron Golden on video and see for yourself how most prospects view their financial lifestyle.

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